Family Mediation Voucher Scheme

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What is the family mediation voucher scheme? On 26 March 2021, the government announced that it was investing £1m in family mediation to support families to resolve issues relating to children. Under the scheme, the Ministry of Justice is providing contributions of up to £500 per family to resolve issues relating to children following parental

The myth of common law marriage

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When Law Society president David Greene recently commented on the Law Commission’s review of marriage, he also drew attention to the elephant in the room: “We would… urge the Commission as part of its review to consider public legal education on the ‘common law’ marriage myth and what constitutes a legally valid union.” While it

Separation & Divorce: Where do you start?

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When a relationship breaks down On an emotional level, the separation process begins long before our clients contact us. For many, the realisation that a relationship is no longer working is a gradual one that accumulates over time. Doubts and worries escalate until the thought of separation becomes a nagging, familiar feeling that they can

Family Mediation: The heart of the matter

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In honour of Family Mediation Week 2021, organised by the Family Mediation Council, Linda 1, Tanya 2, and I met Debbie Ross 3 from Bright Mediation UK for a Zoom coffee to discuss everything mediation…   The importance of considering non-court options Debbie is the first to raise this imperative: keeping family cases out of

Christmas 2020: Unwrapping the issues for separated families

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As an eventful 2020 draws to a close, our family law consultant, Tanya Foster, considers the impact of Christmas on separated families and how family law professionals can offer meaningful support. Christmas is a unique time of year. For many, the run-up to December 25th is filled with cheerful anticipation and excitement: for others, it

Is there such thing as a ‘good divorce’?

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Our new family law consultant, Tanya Foster, dispels the myth that there is no such thing as a good divorce… At LSL Family Law, we believe in resolving issues, not inflaming them. As Resolution-accredited family solicitors, Linda and I both believe it is possible to achieve a good divorce. When clients contact us, they

Why Choose Children Arbitration?

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Why choose children arbitration? On 25th September 2020, Bristol-based family court judge Stephen Wildblood QC lambasted parents for inundating family courts with private law applications that he believed could be successfully resolved via other dispute resolution pathways. HHJ Wildblood’s furious judgement stemmed from a case involving the ‘unnecessary and disproportionate order’ for the disclosure

No-Fault Divorce: new Bill passed through Parliament

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How soon will I be able to apply for a no-fault divorce in England and Wales? After thirty years of campaigning, no-fault divorce is finally on its way. The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill passed through parliament in June this year. Modernisation of the system had been long overdue: the last reforms to divorce

Linda Lamb named in f:Entrepreneur’s annual #ialso Top 100!

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The f:Entrepreneur's campaign celebrates the UK’s inspirational and multi-achieving female entrepreneurs. We are delighted to announce that Linda has been selected as one of the #ialso Top 100 for 2020, a collection of 100 female entrepreneurs inspiring their peers and communities through their businesses and wider activities. Through events, content and storytelling, f:Entrepreneur showcases female entrepreneurs throughout the