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If you’re facing a divorce or separation, you’ll be entering a highly anxious and uncertain period in your life. LSL Family Law is here to support you and help you find the right way forward – even when you think you don’t have much control over your life right now.

Wherever possible we advocate mediation, collaborative law and arbitration as alternatives to court. Because going to court is not just confrontational, it’s costly and drags the process out longer.

We are here to guide you on your journey and will do everything in our power to minimise stress and hassle for you and your family.

More About Our Services

How we will work together

We appreciate how difficult it can be to fit additional appointments into a busy day. We use the very latest technology to gather facts about your situation, saving you time and allowing us to keep client costs to a minimum. Once you have completed our short online induction questionnaire (press ‘Get Started Online’ at the top of this page) we will contact you to find out how you would like to proceed.

As the world adjusts to living with COVID-19, we will continue to hold regular online meetings with our clients via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, with in-person appointments available in exceptional circumstances (subject to future local or national coronavirus restrictions).

A combination of online meetings and telephone calls has proven to be a convenient and time-efficient solution for our clients, enabling them to access reassuring, expert advice while juggling hectic lives.

Don’t forget, we tailor our services to meet your needs, so please let us know if you have any specific requirements.

At LSL Family Law, we love to use technology that makes our clients’ lives easier, so, in addition to videoconferencing for online meetings and screen sharing, you can access all documents by logging in with a secure code. We believe in a paperless business, so the only paper you will see will be court documents.


We work with other professionals to ensure that you receive the all round support that you need

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  • Counsellors – at this time we strongly recommend that you have the support of a counsellor.

  • Family therapists – to assist with the support of the family: even when separating you are still a family – just a different shape.

  • Accountants and forensic accountants – their input can be vital to a positive outcome.

  • Independent financial advisors – some have received additional training from Resolution to assist separating couples.

  • Actuaries – particularly when considering pensions.

  • Mediators – to assist with discussions.

  • Collaborative lawyers.

  • Barristers – either for representation at hearings (if we are not attending) or for an expert opinion on complicated issues.

  • Business valuers.

  • Independent social workers – either to help with the family or to provide reports.

  • Psychologists/psychiatrists – either to help with the family or to provide reports.


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We’re here to relieve your anxiety and find the right solution to the problem you’re facing.